Database DOWN

I am getting this error
"Cannot connect to MySQL: Lost connection to MySQL server during query"

I haven’t made any changes to my site or pages and all ther databases are running fine. I am not able to connect to my database through myPHPAdmin either.

Yep, same here. Already emailed DH regarding the issue.

do you know what server your is on?
Mine is on hefty.

I cannot access the database through anything but it appears that the information that my site needs is still available. The database contains pw and user names and I was still able to sign in to protexted areas, but I am a not able to sign up as a new user or access the control panels for the administration.

I’m fairly certain mine is on hefty, too. I attempted to add a new user via the Control Panel just in case, but that actually errored out on me.

Aha! Just as I posted that, it came back - hooray. DH, what happened?

I also contacted them a few times. Hopefully that will help. I pretty sure it is a problem with their server right now.

Mines back up also. Yipppee! thanks DH

Mine’s been down for a couple of hours now.

Alright, it’s back finally!

I’ve been trying to add a hostname to MySQL databases I created (on server “flipper”), but the MySQL hostnames have remained stuck at “status: changed” (instead of “active”) for a second day now.

Is this problem related?

Will Dreamhost be responding to support emails over the holiday? (I emailed them about this on Saturday.)

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I also reported a problem yesterday with a MySQL database that was added to flipper:sprung. The control panel shows that an IP has been assigned to my MySQL hostname and that status=active, however, an nslookup to all 3 DreamHost DNS servers gives the error message, e.g.,

** server can’t find [mysqlhostname].[mydomain].com: NXDOMAIN

My other MySQL databases on different servers work fine.


Getting the first error mentioned in this thread heavily on another mysql backend hosted on ‘hefty’. Highly annoying to have an unexplainedly dead forum, and the expected phpMyAdmin replaced with a 404 Internal Server Error type. e-mailed support asking what’s up, hopefully some response since it’s still being problematic today.