Database doesn't save changes to WP Options

My site is

I changed the URL to “” in the General settings in my Wordpress dashboard, and now I can’t log in and the site is down (too many redirects).

To try to fix this, I’m attempting to change the URL back in the database, as described here:

But when I edit the URL in the database at Dreamhost via phpMyAdmin, within a few seconds it’s changed back to the previous one, despite my saving it.

After I’ve edited the URL in the database, I’ve been able to get into the Wordpress dashboard for a few seconds, but never long enough to change the General settings back.

Anyone know why the database keeps jumping back to the other URL, and how to stop it?

Hey Kerry!

I see you submitted a ticket, and one of our techs just replied to it, informing you that [quote]This was happening because your theme code had two lines at the beginning
of the functions.php file which was forcing the www to be removed. [/quote]

He also provided some helpful info about your plugins, so feel free to review that, and if you should have any questions after, please don’t hesitate to reply directly to the email. Thanks!