Database Creation w/o PHPMyAdmin


i wonder if there is a simple way to grant database creation privileges to a user on a site if they are hosted through dreamhost. i’m creating a fantasy gaming site and i need users to be able to create their own “leagues” or databases, containing their league info. the only current way to create a database is through the dreamhost portal itself, as far as i can tell. perhaps this is a security issue?

also is there any way to customize the server-side software? i’m not a huge fan of myadmin.

any help is appreciated.


shoot sorry nevermind the first bit but i am still curious about the myadmin bit. updating server-side software etc. thanks.

Yes, this is currently the only way to create a database. In general, it’s probably best for you to try to figure out some way to store all your data within a single database, as the logistics of switching between multiple databases can get complex (for instance, we can’t guarantee that they will always all be on the same database server).

You’re more than welcome to install your own MySQL management software to your domain if you aren’t happy with phpMyAdmin. One alternate tool that I’ve used and liked has been SQL Buddy.