Database Connection Error

“Error establishing a database connection”

Upgraded to WP 2.7.1 earlier today and had no issues until this evening when the database error began.

Anyone have suggestions?

Already have a ticket in with DH but haven’t heard back and that was 4 hours ago.

Are you able to access the database with phpMyAdmin? Just a straight web browser to should do it.


Cannot access the database via

After entering the info and hitting return I get a Page Load Error.

Is it possible the database server is down?

Forgot to mention that I cannot access the phpMyAdmin via DH panel.

My first guess is that something’s plain broken and needs Support to give it a kick. Do you have any other databases that are working? When you submitted a ticket, did the panel do a quick DB test and say that it didn’t notice any problems? I know it does this for http, but I haven’t had the need to see if it does the same for db issues.