Database connection error

I installed Wordpress to using the one click advanced installer. It was up and running just fine. I went in and deleted the sample post and comment and went on to install Zenphoto. I wanted to be able to add my own templates and themes, etc and Dreamhost doesn’t have an advanced one click installer for zenphoto, just an easy mode installer which wouldn’t give me access to the installation files. I created a new sub-domain host for the second database and added a database to it for zenphoto to use. I then installed zenphoto and plugged in the info about the new database and zenphoto was up and running. I can get into the admin area of zenphoto fine and the front end loads up too. Zenphoto is installed to

My problem is that now the wordpress database isn’t responding. When I go to (where the wordpress blog use to be), it gives me an error.
"Error establishing a database connection"
Something happened when I installed zenphoto that did this, but I have no idea what. Please help!

problem resolved.

I changed my password for the wordpress database when I made the new one and forgot that that change wouldnt be reflected in the wp_config.php works fine now that i updated the password.