Database completely disappeared?

I have an issue where a complete database completely disappeared somewhere in an 18 hour window. I’ve never had an issue with this before and as I am the only person with access to the account have NO idea how this happened.

More curiously, I checked the ‘database recycling bin’ and the database was absent from there as well. It’s as if the dB never existed?

Is it even possible for dreamhost (again, never deleted a dB before) to purge the recycling bin within 18 hours?

Anybody have any issues with this before?


I decided to reply here instead of deleting for those that have read this:

As an amazing credit to Dreamhost they were able to restore my database within 24 hours (incredible turnaround time). This was MY error and not the error of Dreamhost and I appreciate their incredible customer service.

I just had this happen to me. The database was present but never showed up in my control panel and then while I was in the middle of working on the cms that the database was tied to it mysteriously disappeared.

I just submitted a support request, I hope that they can help me out as well.

Make sure to check the recycling bin. In my instance it took ~32 days for the dB to completely purge itself. My issue was the result of my deleting the dB when I first created it but continuing to work on it thinking the delete didn’t work.

I didn’t see anything in there. I just signed up with DH a few days ago and have been re-establishing a site that I had over at Media Temple. At first I installed the MODx cms that I work on via one click just to test out the installer. When it was done I deleted all of the installed files except for the database that was created, but the funny thing is that the database never showed up in my control panel area in the first place. I ended up creating a new database that actually did show up, but when I logged into it via php admin the previously created database was also present so I used that instead.

I dropped all of the tables out of the database and imported over new data. All was well, the database that I was using wasn’t showing up in my panel but I was using it. I thought that it would eventually show up so I didn’t worry about it until today. I checked everything that I could on my end but it looks like it’s gone. I’m not sure what else to do…[hr]
I actually just saw it in the recycling bin a minute ago and restored it. I guess that there may have been a delay on my end before it showed up there, I had to refresh my control panel (the whole thing happened in the past hour).

I’m sure everything will work out now. I’m just a bit confused as to why the database got deleted. It was probably my fault, maybe I hit the wrong button in there since I’m still getting used to everything at DH.

Thanks for the help.