Database backup - Lost data?


I have an SMF forum that I like to do a weekly or so database backup on. I used to backup the database using the link found on the forum itself, but a few weeks ago I realized that everything from the previous month had been corrupted since my forum database was getting pretty large. So, I exported the database from phpMyAdmin.

On last week’s export, my database text file was 63.1mb.

I downloaded it again just now and it is 46.9mb, but my forum only gained content in that time.

How can I backup my database so that I don’t lose any content?


Did you use the ‘Optimize tables’ option in the Forum maintenance section?

This would make your tables smaller so you may have done it between the two backups


Other possibilities to consider:

  1. The forum may have deleted some unimportant data internally (like tracking data for unread posts, partially registered users, logged-in sessions, or whatnot).

  2. The database backup is in a different textual format which uses less space.