Database and Panel Down?



Hi, my wordpress database seems to be down…

My site is up

When I try to go to the panel, I can’t get in. “The Connection was Reset”

Could this be due to the recent billing issues and everyone overloading the panel trying to get in? I tried deleting my cookies, but get the same connection reset error.


Yes, the billing “inaccuracy” (bwhaahaaahaha) basically means that you won’t be able to use the panel today. Or tomorrow, probably. Remember, it’s early in the morning yet.


It would be nice if this outage were to be acknowledged on the Status page. Just as a courtesy to those of us who are doing active development and have to be able to tell our colleagues and clients what’s going on.

No one expects perfection. But isn’t that what the status page is there for?



I was just on the panel. It’s slow because thousands of people are checking their billing, but it is working.



I informed my clients of what is going on, and the downed blog isn’t an issue. I explained to them what was going on and that I cannot get in to the panel to see what is going on with the blog’s database. I also informed them that the database might or might not be up by Wednesday, they were okay with it. Their site, email and forms are working.

So, all is good. I hope dreamhost gets everything figured out.

Looks like it was some sort of foobar with their systems Date and Time…looks like they moved on to 2009.

My how 2008 flew by…seems like just a little over two weeks ago it was 2007.

At least I still have happy customers. (my own combined accounts are almost $1700 past due now) : )))

ps. I put up a maintenance post on my blog, so folks didn’t see that ugly database down note.


Yeah I hope this stuff calms down soon. I have a limited time to finish transferring from my previous service to this one, and it’ll be time to bring that other one down.


Well, it was down for a while, and now it times out on every other thing you try to do. But sure, sometimes you see some stuff.


I haven’t been able to get in all day.

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It seems to have been up and down, but available periodically.

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