Database A record

how do i know what IP should i use for my A record for my mysql subdomain?
i have another subdomain working perfectly (i saw the A record ip under DNS in domain manager) but i cant find the A record in the mysql databases page

any ideas? thanks

you should go here in the panel and create a hostname and use that rather than an IP address. IP addresses can change.

All domains in the same mysql server will share the same hostname and thus the same IP, meaning you could create just one and use that one always, or you could create one for each domain, which many people prefer to do so they don’t have to deal with it if they drop a domain and that was the one they had used for a hostname.

thanks for the reply.
the problem is that i don’t host my domain in DH, so i need to point the sub-domain to an IP to make it work.

for instance i used the same ip that i used for a wp blog i host here (which is working). in that case i’m using a subdomain something like this:
"mysqlwp" is added as a subdomain in my dns manager and it points to

i’m using the same IP for this other domain but it’s not working.

any ideas?
hope i made myself clear.

The IP address for your database server may change if we move your databases around. We don’t recommend that you create your own A records for MySQL hostnames — if you have any domains with our nameservers, you’re much better off if you set up all your MySQL hostnames under there. (The MySQL hostname needn’t be on the same domain that is using it. All of my domains use a single MySQL hostname on one of my domains, for instance.)

that IP currently points to

If you are using a different mySQL user for the database you probably need to add a permitted IP to the user if it is outside the dreamhost network. Edit the old user (you don’t have to save the changes) and see what has been filed out for whitelisted IP’s