Data checking and correction with PAR or SFV?

After uploading files via FTP, I’d like to check their integrity and repair them if there are errors. Are there any tools to do this installed on the servers by default? If not, how can I install a utility on the server to do this? The formats I know of are PAR, PAR2, and SFV, but anything would be fine as long as the program to check the data can be installed on the DH server.

Long time I don’t hear about svf… I don’t think DH had it installed as default as is not a current debian package… but if you can find the source code, is almost sure that you can compile on your own account.

Time ago… since I have see the source (or binary for linux)… but you can search… also maybe I had a copy on my own backups… but don’t hold your breath.


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I don’t mind switching to a different file format, SFV was just one of the tools I’ve used before.

Do you know of any similar utilities that are installed on DH servers by default? I’m not really sure what distro / versions are being used but I guess any utility that is included would work, just haven’t found any that are available without custom install.

cfv is a utility to both test and create .sfv, .csv, .crc, .md5(sfv-like), md5sum, bsd md5, sha1sum, and .torrent files. These files are commonly used to ensure the correct retrieval or storage of data.

cfv is written in python, and as such should run on all platforms python supports. Currently, it has been verified to work on linux, freebsd, openbsd, netbsd, solaris, macosx, and windows.

License: GNU General Public License

Also par2 is part of debian distribution, but don’t think installed on DH… the best chance is to download cvf and install on your account (it works, I tested)

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