Data center


Does dreamhost own their own data center or are they colocated with another company? if so, who? I’m based on Los Angeles and I know dreamhost’s servers are in L.A so that’s good.

DH has their own data center, and if you search around the forums here you’ll even see pictures. - Also found on

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I don’t think they “have their own datacenter”. With the power outtages we’ve learned they’re in a datacenter that, among others, media temple shares.

I think a “datacenter” would include the building, security and power systems, all of which are controlled by the buidling owners from what I’ve read lately…


They lease space in a data center that used to be the old Wells Fargo data center (I think, I know it was a bank’s data center It was a bank). The data center also serves as a carrier hotel where backbones peer with each other.
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