Data Center Change-Site loading very slow - my site - using WordPress.
DH moved the site to the new Data Center in Ashburn VA. Since then, the site loads very very slowly. All of my plug-ins work properly, but the speed is unacceptable. Looking through my dream panel, I see that the MYSQL D/B’s are still stored in the LAX center (where the site originally was) I’m no expert but it seems that the D/B’s should live in the same place as the site files. I’m guessing here but I suspect this is the reason for the slow load time. I have already entered a ticket about this #5558717 and a few hours later I entered a new ticket #5559364 requsting that this be fixed. On both I have received auto responders stating that I was transferred to a tech cue and it might take longer than normal. It’s well past 24 hours now. Am I ever going to hear from your tech support? This is very frustrating. Is this DH normal mode of operation?


I apologize for the delay in response for our team, and the site slowness you are experiencing. The move to a newer data center with newer hardware was with the intention of giving you a better experience. As for the delayed response, we try to respond within our 24-hour guarantee, but sometimes during our busier days we are not able to, but I promise we haven’t forgotten about you! This is definitely not our normal mode of operation. I do see your tickets, and as my shift is now over, I am escalating them to a support lead so they can get looked at tonight. It is never our intention to frustrate you; I completely understand. Thanks so much for your patience, we very much appreciate it.

The problem has been fixed. You were a TREMENDOUS help in edxpediting these tickets. Thank you very much

I am having the same issue…site was moved to Turner from the LAX center and is very very slow to load. I submitted a ticket over three days ago and haven’t had any response yet! Ticket number is 5554788. How can I get someone to look at my ticket and get some help? It’s very frustrating not hearing any sort of response. I only submit a ticket about once a year or less!


Hi Matt,

So sorry for the delay. I see you’re in communication now with one of our support leads, getting everything sorted out! Please let me know if there’s anything I can do; I’d be happy to help :slight_smile:

Aww, so happy to hear that! You’re very welcome – it was no problem at all! I apologize again for the delay you experienced, but I’m glad everything worked out. Just let us know when you need us! :slight_smile:

Same issue here, you moved me to another server and the site is worst.

Sorry to hear that! I can see loading well – Is there another domain that was affected by the server move? If you’d like, you can submit a support ticket to our team ( with the details of the slowness/downtime you might be experiencing, and we will definitely look into that for you. You can also refer to this link we sent you, which might prove useful: Thanks!

Thanks, i just created another thread. I’ll send to you another ticket. Thanks.

I received an email 12 hours ago saying my sites had just been moved to the East Coast site, two hours later all but one of my sites were still down except one that still shows as hosted West coast. I put in a service request at that stage.

10 hours later, all my sites are still down (except the one mentioned above) and no reply from dh. Is this normal for a site transfer??? I’m 12 hours down already and losing credibility with customers in a business I’m trying to create :frowning:

My account shows all but one domain on East Coast and all my databases still on West Coast - any advice on getting this fixed appreciated


My sites moved yesterday too and after a brief panic with 500 server errors I sorted out my htaccess file and my sites came back. Done and done!

Woke up this morning to all sites down – all sites from yesterday’s move and also all sites from a move a few weeks ago on another account I manage. That move went without a hitch at the time.

Huh, not sure “relieved” is the right word. At least my woes are shared and it seems unlikely to be anything specific to my personal configuration or applications. No mention on yet that I can see.

On the plus side, my earlier moved sites have reappeared. On the down side, I can’t access my recently moved sites by sftp any more (neither by domain name nor dreamhost server name). No bot response to submitted ticket, although at least it appears in support history.

my sites are still down… 22 hours and counting :frowning: Ive had one response from Customer Service confirming that my databases will be moved but no time frame as to when my sites will be up again…