Data Backup (html & mysql)

I’ve seen lots of stuff about backup options. I was just wondering how dreamhost backs up data (both html/php files and information in a mysql database). We’re trying to make sure our data can be securely backed up and stored regularly (daily or twice weekly) particularly the info in our database. Any info on how to do this would be appreciated. Thanks.

DreamHost uses domain snapshots to allow you to restore file data from one or two hours, days, or weeks ago. They also have MySQL snapshots (the documentation is kind of pathetic, but it’s fairly straightforward) that extend as far as a month back, but you could also make automated backups on your own, using a cronjob (which is much less filthy than it sounds!).
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as mentioned in the above post, you can backup your file and data easily in DH. You can refer to DH wiki for more information.

DH also allows shell access to your web directory. If you are familiar, you can also backup your data using shell command. However, for your database and other things, you can refer to Automatic Backup for solution.

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As mentioned, the backups are hourly/daily/weekly. All accessible via the “.snapshot” directory in your root folder.

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As always, it is still a good idea to make your own back-ups and not rely too much on the DreamHost .snapshots. Although I have never had it happen to me, there have been a few reports of the .snapshot directories being empty when most needed.


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