Dashboard main page says "something is wrong!"


I’ve started testing dreamcompute.

For today I only created one instance, then resized it and finally terminated.

After that, the main page ( https://dashboard.dreamcompute.com/project/ ) says to me “something is wrong! … An unexpected error has occurred. Try refreshing the page. If that doesn’t help, contact Tech Support.” . Other pages such as instance list, etc, works normally;

Another issue: although I deleted my test instance, the instance page says “quota exceeded”.

I’ve deleted my browser cookies and logged in again, and problem still here.


Thanks for writing in. Unfortunately resizing is currently not working.


I’ll check into getting this cleaned up for you and the quota reset. Please standby!

I have had one of our admins reset your quota, so you should be able to use DreamCompute beta again. I’ll send you this in a ticket too so you get the notice. Please avoid using the resize instance feature for now. We are aware of issue and working on correcting it.

Happy Computing!

Many thanks! I’ve just logged in again and it is OK now!