Darwin streaming to iPad

Have been using DH streaming to QT successfully for awhile. The MOVs are lengthy training class videos (1+ hrs) each; due to file size (and security) downloads are impractical but streaming works well. Now, however, I am getting calls to view them on iPad and they do not work, presumably because iOS does not support the RTSP protocol.

  1. does Darwin support Apple’s HTTP Live Streaming protocol?
    If not yet, is it on the horizon?
  2. What is the best workaround to currently obtain streaming on the iPad platform? [I do not need any other HW platform since existing QT streaming covers the rest OK].

Darwin can feed QuickTime-formatted streams. iOS doesn’t support RSTP as I recall. Remember that Darwin (and QuickTime) Streaming Server were built long before there was an iOS, an iPhone and an iPad. Maybe straight HTTP streaming?