"Dangerous Downloads" warning on Yahoo! search result

I almost frustrated with those Yahoo! warning on a few pages of my site, www.maisonchicdubai.com, and my other site. Yahoo! keep my site with “Dangerous Downloads” warning.
Yahoo! said they are got all of the data from Bing. So I check on my Bing Webmaster tool, and yes I found some of my page are malware infected.
But this some facts that I found:

  1. On Google webmaster, I didn’t find any malware detection.
  2. On Google Safe Browsing, there is no warning at all.
  3. Yahoo! and Bing said, they are using McAfee, and I do so using AVG. So I scan my site, the result was minimal risk and currently save.
  4. I’ve Dreamhost.com on Google Safe Browsing, and the result found that some or many sites on Dreamhost.com are infected with malware.
    Can someone help me with this??