Damn That Panel

This has been annoying me for so long, though i thought it was only me, and i would say 60% of the time i try to access the panel it is not working, and anytime i actually do, its terribly slow.

Its just ridiculous how bad it is. Can anything be done to make it more stable?

The control panel appears to be down now; I can’t access it.

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It’s WORKING now!!!
Holy foo… Supporters are bastards :frowning: 70% time panel is down!

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Usually, when people say they can’t reach the panel, it works fine for me – but if you’re having trouble, why not email support at dreamhost.com from the email address that’s linked to your account?

You could also use the contact form at http://www.dreamhost.com/contact.cgi

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Yes, I definatly reccomend E-mailing support if you can’t get to the panel. I believe you can’t E-mail support at dreamhost.com any more, but the contact.cgi form on their page will get your message into the same que. Just be sure to provide them with information so they can find your account.

As far as the panel “server” it’s actually a pool of several high speed computers working togeather.

For me a subdomain normally is functional with in 5 to 15 min. It’s a bit more than a tweak to apache though. Apache has to be configured, a httpd_conf file generated, directores for logs and the website has to be created, and the thing that probably takes the longest is that records have to be added to the DNS for the new sub-domain. It used to take upwards of 2 hours for a change like this to go through, but now I’ve had it work as quickly as 2 min.

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