Dallas? Josh? How about an update?!


Guys, as we plunge into a weekend with severely crippled services, and only an announcement that we can expect (hope) for significant remedy on Monday night, I think it would be great if one of you guys could stop in and share a little more about what is happening, why the “major maintenance” has to wait till Monday, and what we should expect over the weekend.

I can understand that you are busy, and I do not think that you should subject yourselves to any abuse in the forum(s), but the whole “wait till Monday” tone of the dreamhoststatus.com site is pretty distressing.

The (at present) 461 pending support requests do not nearly indicate the depth of the concern or problems among your user/cusotmers, as many cannot reach the panel to request support, and many others (myself included) simply won’t bother given the overall network status.

I think this would be a really good time for some of that “famous” Dreamhost candor and customer communication.



Technically, I wouldn’t call these crippled servers. They are, in my book, down. Doesn’t matter if applications respond, giving a constant “waiting for data” for browsers – the sites are inaccessible meaning the sites are down.

yerba# rm -rf /etc


I agree. It really doesn’t make any difference how you define “down”, and not worth aruging about semantics; the situation is serious enough, I think, for one of the “honchos” to address it here.



Didn’t ya hear? “down” is the new “normal”

Tell all your friends.





You’ve got to be kidding me. Obviously Dreamhost has a long way to go and obviously I’m going to have to move back to my old host. This really sucks. As of now I can’t access my web sites…

I will say for sure this is the worst hosting I’ve had yet. I’ve never seen this much downtime before. What a letdown


I’d like answers too.

I’ve been with Dreamhost for 10, long years.
I’ve been through growth, minor outtages, power outtages, and now this. This many customers paying for no service…are you guys wanting to lose hundreds of thousands of customers? are you wanting a class action lawsuit for not providing service paid for?

I’m truly angry. No one should be paying for this year’s service.
Because there hasn’t been any.



idd, I think there should definately be some sort of compensation. Wether it be a couple of months of free hosting added to our accounts or something else they can scupper up to please the growing number of pi**ed customers.

I’ve been here 9 months and it’s been a testing time. I really hope they sort things out, I don’t want the haslse of moving ev erything to another host, which to be honest could have the same issues.

C’mon DH… let’s have some honesty and a description of the current problem that some of will be able to relate to… ‘Network issue’ is something I tell the blondes in the office to stop them asking any more questions.

Give us some credit.


ravenoak, DH hasn’t been in business for 10 years. They started in 1997.



They started in 1997.

~5 years in Jan. 2001 means they started in 1996.

Edit: “Founded in early 1996, NDN strives to constantly change the Internet…”

You are welcome to a refund.-Michael;Comparing ‘DH of today’ with ‘DH of old’ does not serve much purpose.-Dallas


Right, but if you read the history they talk about how:
in September of 1997 is when we named our hosting service DreamHost […] and really started getting serious about it

And if you look at what they did with NDN:
Our plan was to become an internet design company! What a clever plan! But we did have a little bit of a new twist, you’ve got to give us some credit. The twist was that we would create a network of independent designers (like we were!) who would share resources with each other. If you were too overwhelmed with work to take on a new client, you could refer them to us (the New Dream NETWORK see?)

The hosting part was a side effect, as they originally only hosted with three clients. Maybe he’s one of the three…



Maybe he’s one of the three…

Or maybe s/he was a member of NDN.

You are welcome to a refund.-Michael;Comparing ‘DH of today’ with ‘DH of old’ does not serve much purpose.-Dallas


That’s when I got my account–when they first started.
EDIT: I really thought I got in in 96 and someone just found a link proving so. I might have gotten my account in Jan 97 or Dec 96. I can’t remember which it was. Eitherway, I’m not far off.



Yep, might have been NDN. I didn’t know what Dreamhost was until I figured out they also did DreamBook, which wasn’t until later. And I’m a she.



10 year anniversary was in April. :slight_smile:


You are welcome to a refund.-Michael;Comparing ‘DH of today’ with ‘DH of old’ does not serve much purpose.-Dallas


I stand corrected. I had read a while ago DH started in 1997… but now I see that, although that’s true, they were operating mainly under NDN in 1996. Which makes sense since the panel and other secure stuff was on secure.newdream.net.

I started with them in 1997. My first plan was $10/mo for 10MB… what was yours?



Mine was something similar… I remember it being around $10 and for maybe just under 10 MB. I remember thinking at the time that that was a LOT of space! :wink: