Daily Error log

Our daily error log is 10MB and most of the errors refer back to one of the perl scripts. e.g.

“Use of uninitialized value in numeric eq (==) at shop_2003.pl line 184”. is a common one

I have tried to change it but it appears to be a legit command.

Should I be concerned with the size of the error log or should I keep trying to modify the scripts to reduce the size

Pat Abbe

It would probably help the efficiency of your scripts a bit if you got rid of all of the errors. The ‘Use of initialized value’ error usually means you have ‘use strict’ (or similar) in the perl script and you are not initializing the variable in question with a ‘my’ command.

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Thanks that cleared up 60% of the errors.

Next question is many errors regarding tokens in the cart

Name “main::product_file” used only once: possible typo at shop_2003.pl line 48.

Again thanks


That means the variable or subroutine was only used once. The message is just a warning. In general if you only need to do some bit of code once you can do it without a subroutine so they’re telling you that you might have meant to type something else there. You may want to just turn off the warnings.

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