Daily Email Limit

Hi all. I send out a newsletter to about 1000 contacts once a month. Can I do that through the webmail that dreamhost provides, or is there a daily sending limit? Will I have to break it up and send some on one day and the rest on another day?

Use DreamHost’s Announce Lists feature. It handles list opt-in, subscription, and unsubscription for you, and there aren’t any limits on how many users it can send to.

Or you take the gamble that nobody will tag it as spam and email out like you usually do, but observe the 100/hr limit.

Andrew recommends the announce list because it will protect you against spam complaints due to how signups are verified.

Do note that any and all bulk emails sent through our system, or related to domains hosted with us, must comply with our Bulk Email policies. Namely, the recipient must have explicitly signed up for the email, their email address must be confirmed, and records must be kept of those confirmations. See http://abuse.dreamhost.com/spam/#important for details.

Thank-you very much to all for this info.