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I have a cartoon Web site: http://www.cutbear.com. I want to use some sort of automated page creator, so that I don’t have to personally update each page every day.

Is there an application that you recommend?

I also understand that php could be used for just the index page…would that work for a listing too?

Literally Wicked


I have a friend who’s had pretty decent success with ComicPress. It’s based on WordPress, so it does sequential comic posting and also offers you a place to keep a regular blog. She’s been pretty happy with it, and she’s not exactly a techie, so I imagine it’s pretty simple to set up and use.


Thanks! It looks like it’s releated to DreamHost (or at least they advertise on it.)

I’ve got to walk the dogs, but I’ll read more about it and see. As much as I was hoping for something that I could use behind everything I’ve already created.

I really just don’t want to bother with doing all the Web site stuff too.

Oh and thanks again! I’ll tell you if it works :slight_smile:

Literally Wicked


I have some friends that use btPHP and are pretty happy with it. It is very basic to start with but easy to customize the templates.



Ha ha ha! I love this from their website:


btPHP is free to use for the first 60,000 (sixty thousand) days. After that time, you will be required to pay a licensing fee of 99 USD per installation. Failure to do so will result in lots of crying, and believe me, you wouldn’t want to see me cry. NOTE: The evaluation period has been shortened from 100,000 days to 60,000 days. This new period applies both to new versions and all previous ones. "[/quote]



Well if you run a popular enough comic that it runs for 164 years I would HOPE you were making enough money to share the love. :slight_smile: