Dada mail?



I was just wondering if anyone has used dada mail ( on the dreamhost servers. It is a newsletter type program, pretty good, I’ve used it for years and on 3 or 4 different hosting companies’ web servers.

I’m having some weird issues on my dreamhost install though, and was wondering if anyone else was running the script?


Hi I’m currently looking for a mass mail system for the site I build and support what has been your trouble with Dada mail? I was actually looking into using this but was not certain how to support it on dreamhost.


It is a great program. I’ve used it for a really long time. I’m not for certain if the problems I’m having are with the new version or with dreamhost.

It is dealing with batches, sending so many messages (through sendmail) every X minutes, so the server doesn’t get overloaded.

I had a list of about 1500 subscribers, me being the last person on the list, and I never got the message. I know some users are getting the messages, because I get the “out of office replies.”

I tested it with a small list (4 users, with the batch set up to send to 1 person every 5 minutes) and it worked, as far as we all got the messages. I didn’t receive the batch e-mail updates that are usually sent, (which could be a bug with Dada). I’m going to post a message on their support board.

I DO recommend the program, and if you want to make sure it works, you can pay to have it installed (which I think includes updates for a year – I may be wrong on that, though).


I used to use it, until I tried the dreamhost annoucement list. Much easier to use and zero maintainance. Very nice. Auto removed bounced messages after x # of bounces too. I like it. Try it - you will dump dada (formally mojo mail)