DaDa Mail

Hello people

I have a client who is on these servers and we are thinking of installing the DaDaMail software…

thoughts? comments?

thank you !!!

  1. Make sure you’ve read - and that you understand it. If you have questions, run them by support.

In addition, we don’t encourage sending of bulk mail (legit or not) from the user machines, and tighter restrictions on this may be on the way… If it’s not a large list, probably not a big deal. You may want to see if our announcement lists will work for you, though.

  1. There are a few past posts which have discussions relevant to this - search for “mojo” in “all posts” (in the forum search).

Hope this helps.

hello Will… thank you for your input…as per the above you said:

"In addition, we don’t encourage sending of bulk mail (legit or not) from the user machines, and tighter restrictions on this may be on the way… "

please explain that further… what is the “user machine” that you refer to? is that the ordinary servers which house our sites? if not the user machine is there an alternative to that (other then the mailing program you provide to your customers)

FYI - our email list is an exclusive list which has been cultivated over years… we have 2000+ subscribers… it is an opt in email list… we put out up to 12 mailings a year regarding our company updates etc…

thank you in advance…

Yes - user machine refers to the web machine for your site.

Nope - other than getting a dedicated machine. There’s currently not an official policy on this (other than the general policies which say "if you’re using up too many resources, you can’t do this), but we’re moving in the direction of not allowing it or severely limiting it.

Define “opt-in”, though. Our definition of this may not agree with yours. Have all the recipients confirmed their subscription via a unique token, and do you have the other information we require in our spam policy? If not, you will need to confirm the existing subscribers so that anyone who was maliciously or accidentally added to the list without their consent, or no longer wishes to be subscribed will stop receiving the messages.

opt in as in they have to respond to an email from the email address which they registered to join… actually that is double opt-in

I will look into the details of your spam policy and compare… would you mind if I were to email you privately on the matter in the future?

I’d avoid using the term “double opt-in”. Generally, people refer to a closed-loop system as “confirmed opt-in”. Anti-spammers object to the term “double opt-in” because it implies that the person is “opting in” twice, when actually they’re only opting-in once (when they confirm their address).

As long as the existing addresses have been collected in this way, you’re probably OK, though you would also need to set things up so that you have the date/time/URL/IP address of signup etc., as required by the policy.

As I said in my original post, feel free to contact / email support if you have any specific questions about the policy. It’s always better to get stuff clarified ahead of time (rather than when we’re contacting you about a spam complaint). The message will probably end up getting passed on to Jeff or me anyway, but please try to submit it via the normal channels.