Cyberduck CLI configuration

While I’m not able to use the main Cyberduck application to connect to DreamObjects, I was also hoping to use the command line version, Cyberduck CLI to do some more automated processes. However so far I haven’t been able to get it to work.

The latest version of Cyberduck CLI does seem to have a Dreamhost option for the URL

but I haven’t been able to get it to work for uploading. I think part of the problem may be what I’m supposed to specify for the key and where I’m supposed to provide the secret key (I assume that is also necessary). The over-all documentation for the Cyberduck CLI is pretty weak, so I was hoping someone here may have more experience with using it.

So far all my attempts have resulted in a service error message.

I’ve been testing the Cyberduck CLI tool and have found it’s still got some bugs. And you’re also right that the documentation is pretty weak.

One bug I’ve noticed is that you have to specify the full path of the file to upload. For some reason the base path seems to be /opt/duck instead of the current working directory.

You also have to provide your access key as the username and your secret key as the password on the command line. I haven’t found a way to specify a credentials file, though I suspect that will eventually go into ~/.duck/bookmarks/

So to upload a file called test.txt to a DreamObjects bucket called my-bucket you would do:

Excellent. That did work. I figured it probably used the password, even though for some reason the documentation seems to indicate that the key should be in the URL (which seemed strange to me). I’m not sure how to specify the file permissions with Cyberduck CLI, but I have a feeling that isn’t a feature yet.

Also good to know that the base path isn’t the current working directory.

I see something to preserve the permissions (–preserve) but I haven’t seen anyway to explicitly set the permissions. Probably a feature that’s not implemented yet.