CVS and subdomains

Hi all,

I’ve successfully setup CVS on my domain, am able to connect, etc.

I then wanted to be clever and added, with CVS located within that. But it doesn’t seem I get any advantage from having a subdomain, the repository path still looks like:
/home/myusername/ (/CVSROOT).

I’d like to end up with a repository path that’s more like

and thus avoid exposing the entire directory path to those who I may want to grant CVS access to. And, it’d look tidier with a shorter path :slight_smile:

Any suggestions on how the cool kids use subdomains with cvs on dreamhost?


Isn’t it possible to integrate cvs with apache like it is with subversion? Using “subversion” under goodies in the panel, I was able to set up and let it be accessible by http.

By the path you describe, it seems you access cvs via ssh? If that is the case, I don’t think shorter paths are possible, since you can’t make links from / on the server…

Hope it helps. :slight_smile:

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Hi miv3,

Thanks for the reply. You’re right, I am connecting via SSH, I should’ve provided that info. Ah, I can see why I get the path I do.

My only other choice is I think pserver but the passwords are sent clearext (blech) and anyway I don’t think dreamhost supports (?).

I will need to think about your apache comment. I’m not familiar with this kind of cvs configuration.

My other thought was whether there was some form of directory remapping trick (Domains->Remap Subdir)… but I guess due to SSH I am logging in as it were at the root, so this won’t help?

What Subversion client are you using? I am using the CVS support in Eclipse, and while I know there’s an Eclipse SVN one in open source I am not sure the quality.

Also, do you find the SVN currently supported by dreamhost to be ok? I notice its 1.1.4 but the currently released version is 1.4.