CuteFTP Pro doesn't like Dreamhost



Due to how I have things set up, I heavily rely on CuteFTP’s Directory Compare feature to upload new files to my site. I recently upgraded to the latest CuteFTP Pro, and I’m encountering a small yet critical problem. CuteFTP is listing the HTM files in my local folder and remote folder with slightly different memory sizes. Hence, I’m unable to use the Directory Comparison feature to my advantage since the slight size difference causes it to always highlight all HTM files. Is there an option that can adjust this?


the size differance is there because your probly using a windows based filesystem and DH is using a linux(most likly reiserFS), unfortunatly I havn’t come across that option yet in my digging in cute, but I’ll keep an eye out for it next time I need to shuffle files around


instead of uploading as ascii, you can try uploading as binary. that’ll leave the extra new-line characters that windows uses and your comparison should then work.