Cut & Run... FAST

Hello, I have been with Dream Host since 2002. This things happen and will happen no matter where you go. There are lots of assholes out there writing this malicious codes. I have a code that I send back to those bastards that wipe their hard drives clean. I will remain with dreamhost, the choice is yours.

Uh, you can do that??? That’s a lil’ scary. That it’s possible, I mean. 'Cause then anyone could be wiping out hard drives on a whim. :frowning:

Have been hosting with DH since last fall, and have never been happier with a host. Anywhere you go there will eventually (with some, perpetually!!) be problems. But DH does their best to keep the equipment humming along smoothly, offer the latest features and provide excellent customer service. Sorry if this sounds like an ad, but this is what I’ve seen of DH.

Now back to that wiping out hard drive thingy- how do you do that?? So if we’re just surfing the web and happen upon an evil person’s site, we could have a “slight” problem? Ooh, and I thought e-mail attachments were the big concern.


Easy now, Chell. Don’t believe it just because somebody says so. Notice that the poster is anonymous. Notice that you’ve never heard of such a thing before. Notice that he’s being very vague about it.

Forget it.

I thought about posting the above earlier but nobody seemed to respond to the thread anyway. But now … here you are.


lol! Thank you for hearing my jaw hitting the floor and stepping in with the voice of reason. It just creeped me out after a recent battle to remove a very persistent cookie (?) left on my machine by a so-called internet ad company. This “cookie” started opening programs like notepad, and websites on my machine, and the only way to stop it was to shut down. Took so long and several AV program searches to be rid of it. Worst part is that the ads were displayed on a very popular internet service.

You are so right tho. Ahh, nice n’ calm. :slight_smile:


sounds like you should give AdAware a try

my family members seem to get crapware lodged in their systems all the time and adaware does a good job of flushing it