Customizing Squirrelmail?


I have seen on the Squirrelmail site add-ons such as graphical buttons, etc. I would like to enhance the rather plain interface of webmail before I start authorizing my users with e-mail addresses, but I can neither find an installation folder when I log into my web space, nor is there anything about adding these modules in the Squirrelmail Wiki I was able to find.

I would like to use Squirrelmail instead of installing a 3rd-party webmail application, but overall the interface is too simplistic and lacks warmth and intuitive elements, and I fear my users won’t be willing to use it.


Unfortunatly the only customization of squerrl mail you can make is the log on the login page. Past that you would have to use a 3rd party mail app, but that will be problimatic. Your users will either have to log in with their m12345678 log in names or you’ll have to set up a script that does it behind the sceans for you - that you’ll have to update manually.

sorry that probably wansn’t the reply you’re looking for… but it’s the truth.

–Matttail - personal website