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This is my first post here. I’ve scouted the forums in search of this but couldn’t find an answer:

Is there a way to customize Squirrelmail? The interface is rather dull and I would like to improve it a bit. I know it is possible to add new templates and plugins but I have no idea where the files are located.



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As far as I know you can only customize the login graphic. If you want to do more customization/have a different interface you will have to install a new IMAP mail client.

Keep in mind, acording to another thread, PHP_IMAP isn’t compiled into dreamhosts php installation so you may have to install a new version of PHP then a new mail client.


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There are only two real server-side customizations you can do with the Dreamhost install of SquirrelMail: the login image and the login organization name.

These options can be accessed by going to the Mail > Webmail tab in your web panel.

Individual users can select from the available installed themes and display options. This can be accessed within SquirrelMail user interface under Options > Display preferences.

If you want to do more, you will have to do your own custom install of SquirrelMail on your account, which I understand is NOT that big of an ordeal to get through.

Thank you guys for the input.
I’m actually afraid I will lose important e-mails or something if I try my own install. Maybe I’ll ruin something. Also, it says in the documentation that I should created a subdirectory under /var and I don’t think I can access that…

I was wondering if DH would upload some new themes and CSS files. I wouldn’t mind making them available for everyone else. Has anyone tried?



Create a new user ftp/shell user. and a new sub domain for them. And practice installing it there. Also, mail is part of the hourly/daily backups that dreamhost does. You can always restore if you blow away your mail (Doubtfull).


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Ok, I successfully installed Squirrelmail in all its glory @ and I can use usernames for any domain I have hosted with DH. They all work, folders are there, etc.

What I am wondering now is how to translate mXXXXX do and have Squirrelmail understand that. How does DH do it?

Thanks for all the input so far :slight_smile:

I’d set up a mysql database with the relationship between “names” and mxxxxxx #s. And do the look up when the user tries to login.


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I used the “aliases” SquirrelMail plugin.
See for details


I’ve been testing it out. It’s cool, still haven’t blown any mail configuration yet :stuck_out_tongue:

Thanks again!

Hello all –

I have just successfully installed my own copy of SquirrelMail, and I’m looking forward to customising it.

The first thing I tried was installing the “Login Auto” Plugin from the official plugins page at:

I’m pretty sure I installed everything okay, but I get stuck at the point where I’m supposed to run SquirrelMail’s ‘config/’ file – apparently a prerequisite for installing any (or at least, most) plugins.

the server returns:

bash: ./ /usr/bin/env: bad interpreter: Permission denied

i have searched the forums and found a few other references to ‘permission denied’ problems, but none close enough to my situation for me to figure out what to do.

any suggestions?

thanks for your help,

–Jason Robinson

That sort of confusing ‘bad interpreter’ error is often a result of the file having Windows newline characters rather than UNIX.

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