Customizing a domain with Dreamhost and Jackmail

Hi there !

If i’m right, Dreamhost has a Cpanel interface to handle the hosting/domain management.

I’m not a user of DH myself, but I have a lot of customers who are.

I’m working for a WordPress Newsletter plugin and we’re offering the possibilty to customize the domain in order to hide our platform and improve deliverability.

Basically, the config is :

So my question is : Is it possible to add 2 NS record in DreamHost ?

That’s our main issue here, there’s a lot of hoster who won’t allow that setting.

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All your answers are available in the DNS docs. :slight_smile:

thanks for your answer

But my question is not trivial.

I know DreamHost use Cpanel as its admin interface, like 1&1 (an European hoster).
And on 1&1, they do not allow dns customisation on a subdomain. Only on a domain. And this is the problem.

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DreamHost does not use CPanel.

I believe that what you mean by “dns customisation” is to arbitrarily create DNS records for a domain, including sub-domains, and that is possible in DreamHost.

Maybe it is! Maybe not. :slight_smile:

Yes. It is explained in the docs I linked to. :slight_smile:

Ok :]

For my Dreamhost user, I’d need to make a tutorial like this one :

Since I’m not a Dreamhost user, do you think someone could share screen capture like that ?

@ychizzolini I’ll reach out to you privately to work on a tutorial.

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