Customized Subdomain

Hi there,

What I need is something like cloaking but without the ugly frame stuff. I would like my visitor redirected from to without a change in the adress bar. A vhost file would look like this:

<VirtualHost *>
DocumentRoot /home/dazmogan/

Is this possible with dreamhost / the panel? I could not find a way to do this.


This comes up often, so a search should bring up something.

The example you cite is very similar to setting up a Fully Hosted subdomain where you specify the DomainRoot you mention as the web directory. I’ve not tried this, so I hope it works.


[color=#00CC00]Panel > Domains > Manage Domains > Add New Domain / Sub-Domain[/color]

Domain to host: [color=#0000CC][/color]

Run this domain under the user: [color=#0000CC]dazmogan[/color]

Web directory: /home/dazmogan/[color=#0000CC][/color]

^ What Scott said.

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Lol, that would work. There is no “redirection” involved in this case, you are just stating that one domain’s files are stored in a subdirectory of the other. Nothing to cloak or hide in this case and the user may never know the difference.

Perfect! :slight_smile: