Customized PHP and htaccess

Hello all!
I’ve installed a customized php installation on my account, but am having problems with the htaccess file that will correctly direct to the php.cgi.

Step #8 says to:

When I put this htaccess file in the root of my domain and direct my browser to my URL, a password prompt comes up. How can I stop this password prompt from coming up?


It looks to me like you used the control panel to install the .htaccess file, and maybe inadvertently turned on http authentication (in the control panel, called Password Protection).

Start by making sure that only the lines indicated in the wili are in the .htaccess file, then add others as needed to support your various applications.

Alternately, ppost the contents of your .htaccess file here, and someone can then tell you what , exactly, to delete to solve the password issues.


Thanks for the quick response!! I actually created the htaccess file with my text editor, and uploaded to my root


I do however have 2 htaccess files protecting other subfolders that were installed by control panel.


Could that be the problem? Here are the contents of the htaccess file, exactly how it was written on the DH wiki.

AddHandler phpFive .php Action phpFive /cgi-bin/php.cgi

Ok, I just figured it out…call me stupid, I haven’t had my caffeine for today.

There was a htaccess protecting my “cgi-bin” directory, which was why I was getting the password prompt. DOH!!

Yep, that’ll do it…I’m really glad you got it sorted out, and we have all been the victim of “code before coffee”. :wink: Rock ON!