Customized-hdrs Variable in email

Hi, is there a way, in Pine, or somewhere where I can change use customized-hdrs Variable and the allow-changing-to Hidden Feature?

I am setting up a form that will import all data into Goldmine, and I need the ‘To’ header to be To: {$GM-WEBIMPORT$} info@mysite.coma

Right now, I cannot find any other way to add the {$GM-WEBIMPORT$} in front of my email addy and get it to go to me!


Do you mean “allow-changing-from”? You can always change the “to” address. Allow-changing-from should already be enabled, however you have to do a few things to be able to actually change the from address.

I’d personally suggest using roles for this ((S)etup, ®ules, ®oles).

See Nancy’s site for more information than you ever wanted on different ways to do this.

hey, thanks, that was it!!!