Customize Wordpress

I am going to make a new blog using Wordpress and I am wondering if I host it at Dreamhost I will have the same features of upgrades (special paid themes, no-ads, Domain mapping, etc) than if I host it at
It is an easy question but I haven’t found any answer about this issue !

Those upgrades are all specific to the paid service, and are not applicable at DreamHost. For instance, we never insert advertisements into our customers’ sites, and all sites can use their own domain, so there’s no need for a paid upgrade to remove ads or add domain mapping.

Hi Andrew,
Thank you for the reply. And what about the themes ? What kind of themes are available ? All the free themes are available ? Are some special themes offered ? Is there any possibility of custom design ? Is video upload and play possible ?
Thanks again,

Marie, I run several WordPress sites, all hosted on DreamHost. I use the VPS service, but started out with Shared Hosting.

You can pretty much do whatever you want with your WordPress install. Some of the sites I manage have been heavily customized to make WordPress do all sorts of things.

Yes, you can use all of the free WordPress themes, you can buy your own and upload them, or you can even start with a Bare-bones theme and build your own (my personal preference).

It will be helpful to have some FTP/SFTP software (FireFTP is a great free plugin for Firefox)

Hello, thank for the infos !
I understand that you first customized the wordpress and then uploaded it at dreamhost. I was wondering if the customization was possible through the one-click install also.
I usually use transmit as ftp software but just discovered FireFTP thanks to you and it is great indeed.

Yes, you can add your own themes, modules, and such with the one-click install of WP. There is a possibility that some custom modules and what not could break if you have your one-click set up to automatically update WP. Just keep that in mind.

ok, thanks!