Customize labels on Authentication Request htaccess

Hi All!
I have password protected my site using Htaccess/WebDAV from within the control panel. I am interested in customizing the labels for the popup box Authentication Required. Could someone please point me to where I can change the labels for User Name and Password fields to different text?


I’m not sure this is the best way to do it, or if there is another way but I usually just edit the file .htaccess and change the content of AuthName. For example


Thank you, smaffulli! That just might do the trick.

I tried what you suggested last night by editing from within the Control Panel, but I wasn’t patient enough to let the script apply the change and called it a night before the script ran. I checked today, and it certainly does have the custom message in Firefox on the Authorization Required pop-up window.

It still would be nice to know how to modify the field labels, but this will suffice.

It appears, however, that Chrome and ID do not display this custom comment, so I will have to test this further.

Thanks a lot!