Customer's country limitation?

Does dreamhost accept customer from any countries ?
thanks for your help


But you need to concern how to make the payment. DH prefers Google Checkout. It will be easier for you if Google Checkout is available in your country.

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but on this page
DH accept a lot of payment methods

This page is not up to date ?

Yes, Dreamhost does take many payment methods…and that page is up to date. :slight_smile:


In most cases Dreamhost accepts payment by credit-card, PayPal, Google Checkout or mailed-in check or money-order. In the event that your application triggers the automated fraud detection system (for whatever reason), you will be directed to Google Checkout for payment.

Recently there have been a few reports of some applications being restricted to Google Checkout and not being offered the other payment options during the sign-up process. I have no idea why this is so, perhaps something about the application, such as country of origin or the presence of a proxy, is triggering the fraud detection system, or perhaps it was a temporary ‘glitch’ in the system.


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GCHECKOUT is now aivalable in most (if not all) countries for customers

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I think you have got enough information.

You are able to pay using credit card, google checkout, paypal, or check. If somebody triggered a fraud in your region, you can pay only using google checkout and check. That is why I said DH prefers Google Checkout.

Note: check and paypal payment are not refundable.

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I signed up (from the UK), and triggered the fraud thingy, and had to use google checkout. It’s not a big deal though, but I thought it was quite strange at the time. No idea why my particular application would have triggered it?

i’ve use paypal free acount many times , its totaly secure for now :slight_smile:

Hi, I have this problem!
I’m from Germany an I have no Creditcard, so I’m not able to use “Google Checkout” -.-
It would be n1 if sombody could registrate me an account with paypal payment. My email is:

I know that this is against the DH rulez, but i really need a hoster and i have no Creditcard.

Greetz Ph1r3ph0x

P.s.: Sry for my bad english, I’m german :wink:

Dreamhost must think about payment metods, what works world wide.

Credit cards payments work well in the countryes, where government total control the citizens. But obviously credit card payments can not work in free countryes.

This is primarily a customer to customer forum and as customers we are not in a position to register an account for you. You can contact DreamHost directly using the contact form linked below.

Since you are from Germany, I would have thought that PayPal would have been one of the payment options offered to you during the sign-up procedure.

There have been a few reports of payment options being restricted for some potential customers, but I am not sure if this is deliberate, or a temporary ‘glitch’ in the system.

If you are using a proxy to access the Internet, you might want to try removing the proxy (if possible) for the sign-up process, just to see if you are offered PayPal as a payment option.

Your English is fine, much better than my German. :wink:


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Hmmm, I consider my country (Australia) to be relatively ‘free’ and credit-card payments work just fine here. :stuck_out_tongue:


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I hope DH knows the problem. They may lose some customers.

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i’ve found a good proxy and I have some fakedata from USA. Paypal works great now.

Fazit: DH is very good, but the country limitation is foo^^
I think they’ll lose a lot of customers :wink:

Greetz Ph1r3ph0x

That might not have been the wisest thing to post here. DH staff will on occasion stop by.


I am glad that worked for you, but I wouldn’t go publicizing the fact that you did this, especially on this particular forum.

That is a distinct possibility, but I have no doubt that DreamHost are monitoring the sign-up rate and if things start to take a downward turn they will rectify the situation.


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[quote]Poster: moua

GCHECKOUT is now aivalable in most (if not all) countries for customers[/quote]
It might be available in most, but certainly not all. :stuck_out_tongue: I’m from Brazil and I couldn’t sign up because the only payment method that I could choose was Google Checkout, and it doesn’t accept payments from Brazil yet.

I was told to fill this form ( and fax it to +1-714-990-2600. Friday was a holiday here, so I have to wait until Monday to send the fax (I can only send it from work) and I’ll have to pay the price of an international phone call. I’ll probably have to wait longer too since the process is not automatic.

As you can see, it’s being a painfull process for me to sign up, and I believe most customers would have given up by now. DreamHost should really reconsider the way they are applying this “fraud protection thing”, 'cause right now the only thing it’s doing is making things difficult for legitimate customers.


You guys do realize that not all of it is DH’s choice. If they just take credit cards blindly or don’t properly ID people registering domains it is possible to lose the right to take credit cards (or make it too expensive) or possibly the right to register domains.

Losing either of these would make business much more difficult than the unfortunate experience there is now.


Who cares? I have my account now :wink: