Customer wants to move hosting but not email

I have a customer who is a car dealership. The car manufacturer is offering to make them a website but only asked to have the a record changed to the new server, It would seem that the Dreamhost panel doesn’t allow editing of the main www a record which is what I need to change, is there a way to do this so that we can maitain email hosting with us but have the website hosted elsewhere?


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Do you mean to host the domain in other servers?

You can do this by modifying the dns via DH panel --> Domains --> Manage Domains --> DNS. You may want to refer to this article It is the same logic to host in other servesr.

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I think this is a job for dreamhost support. They should be able to edit the entry manually.

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You can change the main A-Record (and www A-Record), but not while the domain is configured as ‘Fully Hosted’. You can disable the hosting for the domain by going to Domains -> Manage Domains then clicking the small [X] under the Web Hosting column for the relevant domain.

Once the changes have made their way through the system, you can add the required A-Records via the [DNS] link.


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