Customer service

Here is an idea HAVE PHONE SUPPORT WITHOUT CHARGING TEN DOLLARS A CALL. Jesus Christ, if I had known how poor of service you have I never would have signed up. This is absolutely ridiculous. I spent over 30 minutes in “chat” with a complete idiot that could not understand what I was talking about. I am a slow typist but it took him ten minutes to type 3 sentences, and that was after a 20 minute wait while he was “looking at my problem”, and a 15 minute wait to even get him on the line before that. I am really really pissed off right now. The site is running very sluggish with time outs, long page loading time, and I have no traffic yet. I’m lucky if I have had 10 visitors to my site and its bogged down? The biggest problem is none of my blog members are receiving their membership activation email. I am trying to do a BIG public launch of my site and you people have screwed me in the ass. I have had plenty of web sites over the years and several hosts, but I have never had any host leave it up to me to figure out the problem.

Robert Hudson

How do you have the “from” address configured? The email must be From a valid email address on your domain. It can be a forward only, but beware forwarding to a non-dreamhost domain may mean mid flagged mail, if it’s a forward only stick with an address/mailbox on your account.

Many plugins by default are set to use the submited email address as the from address, that won’t work. For example, your not therefore your dreamhost account can’t send email is if it were gmail.

Have you checked your server error logs to see if there is anything unusual there?