Custom squirrelmail install

Ok, im trying to install my own custom squirrelmail so i can have plugg-ins and all that good stuff. So i made a subdomain to put it on ( I was reading the down and dirty thing (in the wiki and i got to part A. which says “the easy way is to run the script located at /config/ and follow the direction. You can run the script from a shell command.” Im on windows, and i have no idea how to do that. Any help?

btw I have all ready done part B.


The wiki also has some good information on how to use the shell, and will most likely provide and answer to all your questions.

Check out:

These links will explain how to enable your user for shell access, discuss the ssh connection, introduce the shell, provide info on a windows SSH client program (PuTTY), and introduce you to a few shell commands.

If after reading those articles you have a specific question, post back and I’m sure someone will be able to offer additional help. Good Luck! :slight_smile:


Ok thank you very much!!!
but, i read through them all, and when I type
Because it told me to in the instruction, but it tells me when I type that command in.
"-bash ./ Permission denied."
What do i do?

Make sure that has it’s permission set to 755. :wink: