Custom server script getting killed


I want to deploy a service on dreamhost private server that uses a custom FCGI server. That service consumes very little memory and should be called just a few times a day. The problem is that when the app is idle for a while, dreamhost kills the app.

How can I make a service daemon run without being killed on dreamhost PS?

btw, when I look at resources history, it always shows that I am using only 100Mb of ram at max.

Do you really need to keep the app running? Does it help if you start the app few times a day?

I second @patricktan. Couldn’t you just call the app a few times a day with cron?

Ok, that solution served me for a while. Now I really need a service to run all the time. How can I achieve that?

My understanding is that you can’t run persistent processes in shared accounts. You need VPS for that. I could be wrong though.