Custom RMagick version not taken by the web server

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I keep having these annoyings messages :

RubyGem version error: rmagick(1.15.10 not >= 2.2)

I’ve done everything the wiki says to install the proper rmagick version AND force my rails app to load it, the model using rmagick works a treat on script/console, but the web app doesn’t seem to notice any change, so I guess the environment haven’t been reloaded since I changed it.

It may be because my environment was set to production instead of development when I started testing my app, though I switched to development when I realised it was production by default on Dreamhost servers.

What can I do in order to do solve that ?


Have you tried switching back to ascertain any version change?


It depends, switching back to what ?

I need of RMagick version 2.2.0, I’m using functionalities only available on this version, so I can’t switch back to RMagick < 2.2.0.


From development back to production mode.

Your post alluded that it was working until the change and that could have been a cause.


I did try that, it has no visible effect.


Got it ! Type in the environment.rb ^^°

Thanks to the DreamHost crew for pointing it.