Custom Python install / Django set up instructions

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There’s a lot of outdated information on how to set up a custom Python installation for Dreamhost (either on wiki or elsewhere).

After a lot of trial and error, I managed to install Python 2.7.3, virtualenv, pip, and Django 1.4 properly on a Dreamhost shared account.

I’ve posted the instructions on this blog post. In addition to the manual installation instructions, I’ve also written a script to streamline the whole process.

Hopefully this will be of some use to others. (I also have a Ruby on Rails setup blog post as well.)


Thanx for the post in your blog, your recommendation was usefull for me.
python now is really 2.7.3, but there is some problem.
When i restarted my ssh connection, all this configuration resetting to default python 2.5 and django 1.2
What have i do to avoid this?


I’ve moved to a different blog setup so some of post has moved to a new location.

Did you use the pythonbrew or source install?


It was PB.
I’ve added manually to .bash_profile or to .bashrc this strings (from your instructions):

# Load pythonbrew
alias pb='pythonbrew'
export PYTHONPATH=~/.pythonbrew/pythons/Python-2.7.3/lib
[[ -s /home/USR_NAME/.pythonbrew/etc/bashrc ]] && source /home/USR_NAME/.pythonbrew/etc/bashrc

So nowadays it works.
Very thank you for this automated script!