Custom phpMyAdmin/MySql problem

Hello everyone, i am new to dreamhost, adquired a VPS server (without MySql) and i installed MySql and phpMyAdmin manually and all went well except…When i tried to acess or i see the php code displayed in browser instead of a properly rendered page (some browsers just download the phpfile)

Here is what i did, since apache2 and php5 are aready pre-installed i installed MySql

The installation asked me for a root password it ended and all went well, then i installed phpmyadmin

During install it asked me witch apache version i was using so and i said apache2, installation finished and all went ok.

Then for me to be able to edit httpd.conf i went to DH admin panel VPS->configure server and UNthicked the box Web Server Configuration-> DreamHost Managed

After that i had to include my apache.conf file for phpmyadmin in httpd.conf so i went to:

sudo vi apache2-psNNNNN/etc/httpd.conf

And included the file

Then i restarted the server. I acess the or and i am redirected to phpmyadmin altough the php code is showed plain on browser instead of a properly rendered.

Anyone had the same sittuation when installing this setup on a VPS without MySql web based support? Anyone know what can i do to make this work?

Any help is appreciated