Custom PHP5 over default PHP5?

Currently, my site is configured with the default PHP5 that Dreamhost provides. I wanna do a customized PHP5 to support the socket extension.

Can I just proceed with the custom PHP5 instructions on the wiki. Or, do I need to remove the old PHP5 first?

Also, will the socket functionality work after I compile the custom PHP5 with --enable-sockets option?

You can’t remove the old PHP5. Just go with the custom install. The .htaccess file step is what tells the server to ignore the old PHP5 and use your custom one.


Thanks a lot!

For the custom sockets, if you’re on PS, then I don’t know how flexible DH is on listing on other ports. But for a shared server, they’re not going to let you open up other ports for listening.


Aww, okay. Dreamhost doesn’t provide PS right?

Also, will I be able to use socket as a client and not a server? No listener.

DreamHost does offer PS (Private Server) for quite a bit more of a monthly charge.

Socket as a client will probably work if it’s just making an outgoing connection on that port. Again, I’ve not used enable-socket, so I don’t know how it works. However, I’ve not seen DreamHost block outgoing traffic on non-privileged ports.


Aww, it’s invitation-only for now. (PS that is).

Thanks a lot for the info! =)

I must be special. Mine shows that I get “put on a list” once I pick my settings.