Custom PHP5 Install

I’ve gone through the steps of setting up a custom install of PHP 5 for one of my domains.

Now i want to use the custom install for an additional domain.

i’ve followed the following instructions from the wiki but i get the error -s: command not found.

[quote] Instructions To Add More Domains

  • Go to the domain directory where you want to use the Custom PHP5 Compile (Example: /
  • Type: ln -s /home/USERNAME/DOMAIN_NAME/cgi-bin /home/USERNAME/SUB.DOMAIN_NAME/cgi-bin (Replace USERNAME with your actual username, Replace DOMAIN_NAME with your actual domain name where the custom php5.cgi in stored. Example Replace SUB.DOMAIN_NAME with the actual sub domain you want to use for the custom php5)
  • Press Enter And You Are Done.
  • Upload the .htaccess with the AddHandler/Action methods as listed above to (Example: /
  • Upload the same .htaccess with the AddHandler/Action methods to the subdomain (Example: [/quote]
    Can anyone give me any insight into getting this to work.