Custom php5 compile

New user, old programmer…

I have discovered that a new PHP/MySQL website (that I have developed locally using LAMP) is not supported on DH… a PayPal API that I have been using requires SOAP support.

So, I am faced with a custom compile of PHP5… OK, fine, I’ve compiled PHP many times in a *nix environment. Specifically, though, there are many place where the following commands are required:

‘cp ${INSTALLDIR}/bin/php-cgi ${HOME}/${DOMAIN}/cgi-bin/php.cgi’

‘export DOMAIN=“”’

This causes some confusion, because, we are obviously hosting multiple domains on our account. From reading the wiki posting ‘Installing_PHP5’, it seems like we would install choosing one domain. OK, fine for that domain, but what about the others?

I have been through that wiki post, and others, and cannot find a specific answer to my question/confusion. If anyone can shed some light, I would appreciate it, as we have a contracted site not working.

Thanks in advance,


Yeah the instructions do appear limiting although in essence they actually aren’t. That ‘Enter your domain’ bit or whatever it says is just to enable some copying automation at the end. I reckon it was put in to save the copy/pastas a step or two.

As you’re *NIX competent, you should have no problem understanding the tweaks you’ll make to the scripts so I will be brief. There’s a few ways to go about it, the most apparent would be:

  1. make all files in $HOME/etc then copy your cgi & ini to the domains you want customised.

  2. make all files in $HOME/etc and have the domain’s .htaccess look for their cgi & ini in $HOME/etc

  3. make all files in $HOME/$DOMAIN/etc in each domain you want customised.

  4. The list could go on and on, but you get the drift :wink:

Each way will give you what you want. #3 is obviously more ‘work’ (waiting) but gives the benefit of having a completely separate environment per domain in that it doesn’t impose it’s make on any others. So you could have ‘extra’ stuff (like SOAP) in one domain and different versions of packages (or even of php) in another.

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