Custom PHP Install

I’m having difficulty installing a custom php5.
When I run the custom scripts, all seems to go fine, but… the install attempts to create a new www directory for the php.ini file.
I set the domain in the script to www.mydomain.
I did not however change the paths in the script where it says for example:
" # Where do you want all this stuff built? I’d recommend picking a local


Don’t pick a directory that already exists! We clean up after

ourselves at the end!


If my directory tree looks like this through shell ftp:
/home/.ewing/dcgspot/www.mydomain, what should I insert before “/source” in the script for it to install to the proper destination, with the php.ini file landing in the correct location?

Leave it as. It will put it in /home/.ewing/dcgspot/source


Thanks, will have another go at it then.

OK, my problem now? :slight_smile:

After the upgrade on my server, I have to reinstall my custom php. I’ve done the prep and install instructions at

It keeps crapping out on the c-client section right before the actual php install. Here’s what I get…

— Building: cURL


— Building: c-client



So I start investigating, and that section in the install script is :

echo — Building: c-client
echo " Making…"
make ldb > /dev/null 2>&1
echo " Installing…“
cp c-client/c-client.a ${INSTALLDIR}/lib/libc-client.a
cp c-client/*.h ${INSTALLDIR}/include
echo " Done!”


I look in the source/imap-2004g directory and then go to the c-client directory and there’s no “c-client.a” file. Should there be? I looked in other versions of imap and none of them had it either. Just “c-client.h”

But, the output gets to “Making…” but not “Installing…” so, is the error in the “make ldb > /dev/null 2>&1” line?

I have only used the shell for installing the custom php from this same wiki page a year or so ago with no problems. Some of the versions appear to be updated, so something changed.

Anyone have the same problem or have a proven install script? Many thanks. I’m at my wit’s - and knowledge - end.