Custom PHP Install issues

I have set up a custom install of php 5 and i have it successfully working with 1 domain.

I am trying to get it working with an additional domain.

I went through the process outlined on the wiki and everything seemed to work except i am getting the following 403 error on the domain now:


You don’t have permission to access /cgi-bin/php.cgi/index.php on this server.

Additionally, a 403 Forbidden error was encountered while trying to use an ErrorDocument to handle the request.

Has anyone successfully gotten this to work, and if so do you have any insight into what might be the issue i’m having?


There are many processes “outlined on the wiki” that are related to the use of a custom PHP install, scattered over many pages.

It would greatly help us in our attempts to help you if you would link to the specific pages and processes you have used - otherwise, we are all just guessing as to exactly you have, or have not, done. :wink:


This is the page in the wiki that i used as reference.

Adding more domains

Here are the exact steps that ive taken so far.

I already successfully installed and configured php 5 for use with 1 domain.

I logged in to the server using ssh in terminal (the osx command line tool)

I changed directories to the domain i wanted to deal with using this line:

cd /home/username/

(with my username and domain)

i then used the following line as outlined on the wiki

ln -s /home/username/

After executing this line there was a cgi-bin folder in the domains folder

I then added the following line to my .htaccess file located in the domains folder

AddHandler phpFive .php

Action phpFive /cgi-bin/php.cgi

And like i mentioned before, now i get a 403 forbidden error when i visit the domain in a browser.


[quote]This is the page in the wiki that i used as reference…
Adding more domains
… Here are the exact steps that ive taken so far.[/quote]
Thanks for the extra information!

After reviewing that, it seems to me that the source of the problem may be some difference between using a full domain instead of a subdomain as indicated in the wiki article (though I don’t really think it should make a difference, that is one thing that differs between your method and that described in the wiki).

Also, since a permissions problem was indicated, I’m wondering if your two domains are “owned” by two different *nix users? That may also be part of the problem.

Finally, I believe that wiki article was written some time ago, and DH new “extra user security” setting may have something to do with your problem. Check the users’ setup in the control panel and see if either of the users (if there are more than one) have this option enabled,; that might have something to do with all this.

Frankly I’m not at all sure how, or if, PHP-CGI is impacted by symlinks, or whether or not that could have anything to do with your problem (I’m only mentioning it as a point for research if you still can’t get it to work).

At some point, you might consider that you can always repeat the “custom install process” on the second domain as a “workaround” until you can get it all sorted - with your DH quotas, there’s no significant “hit” for duplicating the PHP installation. :wink:

I’m sorry I don’t have a “OH! That’s the problem; here is what you need to do” kind of answer for you. While I have used custom PHP installs before, I usually have my domains set up to run as different users, and I have never attempted to have them “share” a PHP installation - if I need a custom install, I just install one for each domain (often they need different settings anyway!).


Thanks for the info. I will go through everything and try to find the source.

I am certain i used the same user for both domains but i will check the extra security.

Originally i did just try to install php on the new domain but it seemed to only allow me to edit the existing install script that i had created originally. I’m not a big unix guy so i couldnt figure out how to create a new install for the new domain.