Custom php ini

I am using cmsmadesimple with fckeditor on dreamhost.
According to cmsms forum some recent errors can be resolved by

  1. raising the php memory
  2. setting session.auto_start = 1

I can’t access php.ini - so dreamhost say to compile my own.
I have read a lot of articles on the forum and I am a little daunted by the whole thing
especially as I have to do this across several different domains and users.
Should i use the Alternative PHP 5 install scripts?

It seems a lot of bother and then I am sure I will have very much support from dreamhost if i use custom php.ini
Has this worked smoothly for anyone?
Is installing php the only way around my needs?
Any other suggestions…
Any help is really appreciated. many thanks

The official word is to install a custom version of PHP, but many get by with the substantially simpler process of a custom PHP.ini file; however, both solutions are for experienced shell users, and not for the faint of heart. DreamHost will offer no support if things get all screwed up, so you must know what you are doing before you attempt it.

Decent content management systems should have no problem with the default php.ini settings.

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Thanks for the prompt reply…
I think it is a decent cms …unfortunately it’s the fckeditor addon thats not configured with it properly.
I have several sites … all been running well until recently- now they all have the same problem in the file browser.
'the server didn’t reply with a proper xml file. check your configuration.'
cmsforums say,10912.15.html
don’t suppose anyone can guess another way around it?

Anyone ?

I need to change the php.ini setting session.auto_start = 1
this will apparently fix an error with my fckeditor upload browser. ( error is ‘the server didn’t reply with a proper xml file. check your configuration.’)
Is custom php.ini the only way… ?
Any help/pointers really appreciated.
I am using cmsmadesimple.
Many thanks