Custom php.ini Not Working

I have compiled a custom php.ini and php.cgi for two domains.

They were working fine earlier today and then later this afternoon my domains (which use scripts with ioncube loaders) reported errors in loading ionCube.

I recompiled php.ini and php.cgi and made sure the handlers were in .htaccess, and followed all of the Wiki instructions.

The phpinfo file shows that ionCube loaders aren’t present and it’s not reading my php.ini or php.cgi.

One of my phpinfo.phps.

I’m having exactly the same problem…just started happening out of the blue earlier tonight. I’ve opened a support ticket as it appears to be out of our control.

Same here except that for me, it’s SOAP that isn’t working.

What the heck is going on? Did they overwrite our custom PHP binaries?

I’m glad that it’s not just me who was having a problem. Two critical scripts for my business rely on ionCube and due to this error they are offline!

Has anyone heard from Dreamhost on this issue?

I have the same. Everything just started non working out of the blue by yesterday. And when i started support ticket they have told me that it is my fault because my php was out of date!!! Now i recompiled everything and it is still not working, like the .htaccess was empty

They told me also, that it was my fault.

I’m having the same problem.

I have WordPress redirect directives in my .htaccess and they are being processed, but the AddHandler and Action directives are not. Weird.

The WordPress plugin my site relies on requires magic_quotes_gpc to be on, so I need my own php.ini.

Same thing. So I’m happy tham I’m not alone.

Submitted ticket 2 hours ago - no reply yet.

Yeah, kolo, it’s comforting not to be the only one affected when something like this happens.

I can’t submit a help ticket because I’m not the principal account holder and therefore don’t have access to the account control panel.

So when someone gets this resolved, please post the solution in this thread.

I just got an email saying my ticket is now in the top priority server outage queue. This is great news meaning that DreamHost knows the problem and is now fixing it!

My business will be back online before I know it and I commend DreamHost for the fast response.

yeah – having same EXACT issue.
i’ve got 2 HEATED messages in to support.
i can’t wait to see what they say.
sometimes DH REALLY pisses me off.
but most of they time DH is really great.

I went to great pains to get Ioncube working again after the PHP update a couple of months ago. I managed to do the custom updates (eventually - since I am not a programmer!) and it has been working fine again until recently. Like the rest of you, my mailing list script is down again and I’d like to know why!!


This may just be me, but my custom php.ini just began working again a few minutes ago.

Mine is still not working. Still no word from dreamhost yet either.

Everything is back to normal now. My own php5.cgi and php.ini is used.
But i’m still upset, that my site was not working for about a day…

For those, who still have this problem:

Try to change php version for site in panel and change it back. Worked for me :wink:

I’m having the same problem. The php4/5 toggle in the panel did not fix my problem. I have a ticket in support now.

My site is back up, and php info confirms my custom php.ini is loading once more.

But still no word from Support in response to my ticket. My client now has zero confidence in DreamHost. Bummer.

Woot fixed now.